Films of Colour – “Slow Burn” (David Bowie cover)

With just two singles to their name, it’s fairly remarkable how much ambition Films of Colour have already shown.  They don’t shy away from a big song, liberally employing elements of UK brethren Muse and Coldplay with a little more an electronic pop slant.  There’s nothing too experimental musically here, but just for a band to release such dense and elaborate pop songs so early in their career shows a ton of potential.  Interestingly, the band’s b-sides, “Circles” and “Persinette” far exceed the musicality of their counterparts.  Their best composition is the recently released download “Slow Burn”, an impressive reworking of a late-era David Bowie tune.  The dramatic power pop approach they take makes the song a completely new monster.  Well done!


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