Seryn – “River Song”


I first caught Seryn about two years ago in my hometown festival, what was then called NX35 (now 35 Denton).  I had heard the band’s name in the months prior as an exciting new local band, but was stricken with goosebumps when I first heard them live on a little patio off Denton’s main square.  With a mix of acoustic and electric instrumentation, the band created a wall of sound and vocal harmonies that was unlike anything I’ve seen.  After praising them to everyone I know, I continued to catch Seryn throughout the DFW area, racking in at least five shows over a ½ year period.  The short-term obsession always paid off; I consistently walked away more amazed than the time before.  Since then, Seryn has released their debut LP, became a Paste favorite and have started touring nationwide.  If you have any leanings towards orchestral folk music, Seryn is a must-see while they continue to hone their craft.  


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