Wild Child – “Pillow Talk”


Pairs Well With…She & Him, The Lumineers, The Head and the Heart


This November, Wild Child entered the studio to record their second record with none other than Ben Kweller.  The Texas-based singer-songwriter is a great match for Wild Child’s tender folk ballads and catchy folk-pop numbers.  After Blues on the Green and ACL appearances in 2012, don’t be surprised if this year’s SXSW finds the perfect storm of local fans and national journalists to launch Wild Child to the next level.

2012 Review: Wild Child is a young indie folk outfit from Austin with a surprisingly strong sound with only one album under their belts.  There are two distinct sides to this band.  On one hand, Wild Child has a tender quality, best displayed on the sentimental title track.  Vocalists Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins display some beautiful trade-offs and harmonies throughout the track, reminiscent of The Head and the Heart’s slower material.  On the opposite side, Wild Child has a, well, wild side to them.  “The Tale of You & Me” builds into a rambunctious sing-a-long, like Edward Sharpe for a woodsier crowd.  Wild Child should kill it on their home turf, so check them out at Beale Street Tavern on Tuesday with OEB highlights Ruby Jane and Kopecky Family Band.


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