Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Mr. Quiche”


Pairs Well With… Passion Pit, Grouplove, Alt-J


With only a triplet of released tracks floating around the web, Wildcat! Wildcat! are brimming with potential leading into SXSW.  The Los Angeles based trio builds their songs both organically and electronically, reaching towards a pulsing pop sound.  This isn’t quite radio-friendly material, rather Wildcat! Wildcat! focuses on inventive melodies and diversions with an experimental eye towards songwriting.  Their introverted style is similar to Passion Pit – you could beat your head to the beat or take a closer listen to discover a fully formed composition.  Dance pop, reggae, ambience and indie rock all take their turns within each track.  Wildcat! Wildcat! is the most interesting electronic-based artist I’ve reviewed so far (note: Lucas covers many of these), so I’m really hoping they can translate this well to the stage at SXSW.      


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