The Whigs – “Waiting”


Pairs Well With…The Foo Fighters, Weezer, The Who


Though The Whigs have been gigging for over a decade, this is actually my first time giving the Athens, GA rock band their fair shake.  I’ve had my ear out for a great rock band these last few sets and have commonly come up short.  The Whigs break the pattern wonderfully as I’m listening through 2012’s excellent Enjoy The Company.  In one way, The Whigs are a tight power pop band full of precise melodies and fist-pumping choruses.  The true art of what The Whigs accomplish is how much they pay attention to just plain rocking.  Songs like “Gospel” and “Waiting” exhibit a tied-in rhythm section that is often overlooked with bands focusing on instrumental dynamics so much these last couple of years.  That aside, it’s worth mentioning the epic “Staying Alive”, a mini-rock opera that sounds like this year’s “A Quick One That Got Away”.


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