New For 2013: SXSW Popularity Index

One of the more difficult elements of SXSW is gauging which venues will have lines and which ones will most likely be walk-up with cover all night long.  With over 2,000 artists in any and all genres, it’s given you’ll under- or overestimate a band’s draw.  In order to determine relative popularity, we’ve added a Popularity Index (PI) to the Spreadsheet this year.

This number is determined by one drawing factor: the number of views on the artist’s most popular video on YouTube.  With so many sources to find music these days, this seemed like the most equal playing field we could think of.  Nate Silver, I am not, but I think this really puts artists in perspective in terms of how far along in the journey they are.

As shown in the picture above, the YouTube views are converted into a 1-10 scale for a quick view.  Here’s the breakdown:

0 = 0

1 = 1-1,000

2 = 1,001-10,000

3 = 10,001-25,000

4 = 25,001-50,000

5 = 50,001-100,000

6 = 100,001-250,000

7 = 250,001-500,000

8 = 500,001-1,000,000

9 = 1,000,001-5,000,000

10 = 5,000,000+

As always, if you are a fan of what we’re doing here at Operation Every Band and want to see more come SXSW, check out the donate button to receive our SXSW 2013 OEB Package, including our extensive showcase recommendations by date and time including the new Popularity Index!


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