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Hometown: Austin, TX

OEB SXSW 2013 Review


Fuzz folk band Gashcat shared some words with OEB focused on their new directions, an upcoming tour with Ghost Foot and the relationship between emotion and music. 


While there are some upbeat pop numbers and lots of sonic exploration, Reunion is quite an emotional listen.  How do you combine that vocal rawness while reaching towards musical creativity? 

Once I start writing/recording a song, it all starts to sort of move by itself. The emotion and the music sort of go hand in hand with me.  They’ve never really strayed too far away from each other at any point.  


Your music and vocal tone seems to recall Jeff Mangum.  Is that my ear drawing to an influence that’s important to me or is there a direct Neutral Milk Hotel influence for Gashcat?

Yeah, there’s an obvious influence.  I was really into Neutral Milk Hotel and the whole Elephant 6 collective when I first started Gashcat.  I still am, for sure, but at this point, I’m steering Gashcat in a different direction.  I can’t imagine stepping very far outside of the whole “fuzz folk” genre, but I think the next album won’t get as many Jeff Mangum comparisons… I hope not anyways…  but like I said, I love that whole group of musicians, obvious influence.  


What’s on deck for Gashcat in 2013?  Should we expect new songs to follow up Reunion?

Gashcat 2013… 

We’re going to tour the west coast a few times (maybe east coast) with our friends Ghost Foot and come out with another album… And SXSW of course.  


Do you have any appearances lined up for SXSW yet?  Is there anything you’re looking to get out of the festival beyond a normal string of shows?

We do have a few.  The only solid SXSW show as of right now is for ToroBooking.  There’s a few other things here and there, but not 100% sure what they are just yet.  I have absolutely no idea what we should expect out of SXSW this year.  


Have you had a chance to check out the band list for SXSW?  Any acts you are looking forward to catching yourself?

I have checked the list out, it’s pretty big. We’ll definitely see our friends Dignan and Les Rav, along with all of the Shreveport bands we are friends with.  There are lots of unofficial shows that we plan to catch too. 


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