David Wax Museum – “Harder Before It Gets Easier”


Pairs Well With…Rusted Root, The Lumineers, The Avett Brothers


Here’s an easy one for the OEB crew.  After falling for David Wax Museum at 2011’s SXSW, I picked them up as part of our project “The 12”, joyfully following their every step for six months.  Since then, David Wax Museum has released their fourth LP, Knock Knock Get Up, a record that continues to stretch the band beyond their traditional start.  The emotional tone they strike on these songs bode well for their 2013 SXSW sets, where they will surely be a conference-wide highlight in many eyes and ears.

2011 Review: That entirely aside, the band’s vast majority of new fans have come off the strength of their live show.  There is nothing like a David Wax Museum concert and that’s something that can be said about so few bands.  From the stage, the band is definitely fire.  Expanded permanently to a four-piece, David Wax Museum has become a new beast on the live circuit.  The real magic happens though when they step away from the mics.  Every show, be it a festival gig, headlining concert or even a corporate event, the band will roam through the audience, find nooks on balconies or stand on top of tables in the middle of the bar.  The level of intimacy increases dramatically when the audience feels one with the band.  It seems like a gimmick on paper, but it truly breaks down the performer-audience barrier into a whole new experience.  I first fell for the band at SXSW as I looked up to see Suz fiddling and stomping away on a table I had a beer sitting on moments before.  So few bands can create these sort of magical moments, let alone night after night.  It turns a show into an experience, which is a true gift in the live music community.  I hope this special ability translates into a long and prosperous career for the budding band.  My coverage may end this week, but I’ll surely be following David Wax Museum long into the future as they move towards bigger and better things.     


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