Roky Erickson – “True Love Cast out All Evil” (feat. Okkervil River)


Pairs Well With…13th Floor Elevators, Daniel Johnston, late-era Bob Dylan


It really wasn’t until 2007’s documentary You’re Gonna Miss Me that I really got to know Roky Erickson.  While I try to review artists on music alone, knowing Erickson’s achievements and significant struggles gave such light to his music that it worth a watch for any fans of rock, pop and folk music.  While Erickson’s start was grounded in the psychedelic rock sounds of seminal 60s experimenters 13th Floor Elevators, the story that continued afterwards weathered his experiences that translates directly into Erickson’s songwriting.  To keep things current, I want to focus on Erickson latest record, 2010’s introverted True Love Cast Out All Evil, a collaborative effort featuring OEB favorites Will Sheff & Okkervil River.  Look for Erickson to feature more of his acoustic side at 35 Denton (well, unless he has other plans up his sleeve) if the trend of paring the music back to expose his soul continues into 2013. 


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