The Lonely Wild – “Buried in the Murder” (live)




Pairs Well With…Milo Greene, Edward Sharpe, old Westerns  


Lush instrumentation and passionate harmonies step to the forefront in The Lonely Wild’s music.  The LA folk-rock band bridges the melancholy melodies of Laurel Canyon with the hustle and bustle of downtown.  I also get an old Western vibe from The Lonely Wild, especially when they break out the melodramatic strings and horns.  Their latest single, “Buried in the Murder”, continues that tradition as it kicks off the release of their debut LP, The Sun As It Comes, due this April.  The track has an epic nature to it, powered by a sweeping guitar riff and growingly impassioned vocals.  While their 2011 EP showed a nice display of potential and one anchoring song in “Right Side of the Road”, “Buried” sounds like The Lonely Wild have taken some massive leaps forward since then.  The Lonely Wild have shuffled towards the top of my “Bands to Watch” for this year’s SXSW, so be sure to dig in as they are criminally under-the-radar building into this release.     


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