Hares on the Mountain – “Cherry Tree”


Pairs Well With…The Low Anthem, Midlake, RTB2 


Denton band Hares on the Mountain have been honing their sound for years and they payoff can be heard on their latest record It Will Only Hurt Forever.  Alt country by definition, Hares pulls in so much more, from orchestral folk to rowdy bluegrass.  Songwriters George Neal and Ryan Thomas Becker (also performing at 35 Denton fronting RTB2) have grown into an incredibly mature sound.  It Will Only Hurt Forever is a storyteller’s record, recalling old yarns into an modern, folk rock sound.  Musically, the band is made up of accomplished musicians, highlighted by intricate guitar work and stirring violin melodies.  Hares on the Mountain represent the best in Denton music and should be a highlight set at this year’s 35 Denton.


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