RTB2 – “Goon”


Pairs Well With…Wilco, The Black Keys, The Rolling Stones


Ryan Thomas Becker might be the most prolific musician in the DFW scene right now.  In addition to any solo work, Becker is involved with at least three bands showcasing at 35 Denton.  RTB2 is Becker’s rock band.  Calling in elements of blues, prog and pop, RTB2 has grown into a mature sound on their latest, 2012’s 2.  It’s refreshing to see Becker employ so much creative energy into RTB2 given all of his other musical options.  Blues is just the start of it - RTB2 can go metal as quickly as they’ll pull out forward-leaning power pop.  Rock and roll still rules the roost through 2, but the unpredictable nature of RTB2’s music should make for a raucous, yet musically complex, scene at 35 Denton next month.  


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