Pageantry – “Friends of the Year”


Pairs Well With…Grizzly Bear, Band of Horses, Local Natives


Pageantry’s debut single “Friends of the Year” is the most promising track to come out of Denton in 2012.  Above all, Pageantry should be commended for honing a unique tone within a crowded indie pop field.  While “Friends” is in its essence a catchy pop number, a mysterious haze covers the track in a multitude of ways.  A little fuzz on the guitar, pulsing electronic bass and some subtle synth work all find a way to creep throughout the song.  I was sold when the song hits its inventive break section, building polyrhythmic phrases within seconds of each other.  Unfortunately, the music ends after 3:40 for Pageantry at this point, but look for an EP in the coming months and plenty of tour dates throughout Texas and beyond.


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