Lemolo – “Letters”


Pairs Well With…Tori Amos, Beach House, Bjork


Lemolo’s sound starts in a very ambient place, a singular electric guitar line that opens up a dreamy landscape.  There’s a place in the center of hypnotic tones and beautiful pop that Lemolo has dug a deep hole in.  The builds are slow, patient and purposeful, mastering graceful peaks and valleys.  The female duo intertwines their voices in soft harmonies, achingly creeping through songs before breaking out into grand melodies.  Lemolo’s debut record, 2012’s The Kaleidoscope, is gorgeous.  Their execution of gentle piano melodies and swells of orchestration is equally powerful.  It will be interesting to see how this record translates to the stage, but the duo for sure can handle most of the minimalist electronic instrumentation and piano that makes up The Kaleidoscope. 


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