Roadkill Ghost Choir – “Beggar’s Guild”


Pairs Well With…Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Death Cab For Cutie


Roadkill Ghost Choir emerged out of Florida late last year with the release of their debut EP, Quiet Light.  This five-track introduction is pretty revelatory as the band melds Americana, indie rock and spaced out pop into a really engaging sound.  With the exception of the driving rock piece “Drifter”, Roadkill Ghost Choir keep the pace relatively slow, sometimes borderline hypnotic.  While they capture a strong overall sound, Roadkill Ghost Choir also has some excellent sonic touches throughout the EP.  The consistent banjo line provides the track for “Beggar’s Child” to steam forward while “Tarot Youth” pulls some melodies right from the Thom Yorke playbook.  There’s been a little bit of groundswell in 2012, so SXSW provides a great opportunity to get in front of more ears for this eager, new band.


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