Doug Burr – “High Blood and Long Evening Dresses” (live)

Pairs Well With…Joe Pug, The Barr Brothers, Ryan Adams

If I’m doing my math right, Doug Burr has been a yearly performer at 35 Denton since the inception of the mini-conference, then known as NX35.  For my money, Burr is the strongest songwriter to come out of Denton since the boys from Midlake broke out, layering his songs with grace, honesty and spirituality.  His performances are often mesmerizing, hushing the crowd with his emotional vocal tones only armed with minimal acoustic instrumentation.  It’s been a few years since the release of Burr’s excellent LP O Ye Devastator, so hopefully he has some new tunes in tow for 35 Denton to see what’s next for this promising artist.

2012 Review: When I was introduced to the Denton music scene a couple years back, after hearing the name “Sarah Jaffe” you could expect to “Doug Burr” right following.  Burr is a folk singer-songwriter with a powerful delivery and great songwriting chops.  His songs are reflective and contemplative, bridging pop and folk mentalities into an accessible and heartbreaking tone.  I’ve caught Doug Burr a few times over the years in support roles and have always walked away more impressed than the time before.  He has a way of drawing a crowd to a hush, with all eyes and ears focused on simple guitar melodies and Burr’s mature and cavernous vocals.  Burr’s last album, O Ye Devastator, was released a couple years back, so expect some new material and old favorites at Doug Burr’s set at Dan’s Silverleaf opening up for John Vanderslice.


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