The Cannabinoids feat. Sarah Jaffe – “Glorified High” (remix)


Pairs Well With…Erykah Badu, Bat For Lashes, Solange


A few years back, I was able to catch The Cannabinoids, a hip hop/EDM cooperative that originally formed around Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah records, headlining a night of SXSW.  Besides a grueling delay for the Auditorium Shores headliner (Badu did eventually show up to perform two or three tracks towards the end of the set), the experimental, electronic mix of The Cannabinoids where traditional R&B sounds would normally be not only matched Badu’s original productions, but often times exceed them.  This collaborative spirit will feature the songs and vocals of local breakout, Sarah Jaffe.  Jaffe’s latest record, 2012’s The Body Wins, has a pointed electronic direction, so this is the perfect time to explore these songs way beyond the gentle folk introduction Denton had with Jaffe a half-decade ago.  While I’m sure Jaffe and The Cannabinoids have been collaborating on tracks in preparation for their Main Stage appearance next Saturday, the DJ collaborative focuses on improvising on stage, aka “live remixing”.  All of these elements should inform a sure-to-be 35 Denton highlight, so be sure to catch this unique collaboration before Solange’s headlining Saturday night set.


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