The Rules

Throughout the years, we’ve developed a few rules to keep us honest with the ratings and such.  We don’t have the time to listen to every track, video and self-pressed vinyl, but it’s important to not snap to quick judgments within seconds of listening as well.

Tracking is done through “the spreadsheet”.  We manually add all the bands and categorize broadly.  From there, a reviewer is added:

Every artist gets a two-track minimum.  Even you, John Mayer.  If we like what we hear, we’ll keep going.  In the spreadsheet, we’ll put three words or phrases best describing the qualities of what we’re hearing.  Lastly, the reviewer will give a totally subjective rating based on one criterion – how much would I want to see this artist at SXSW?  The scale is “tough” in order to keep a sense of comparison, so keep in mind that anything about a “4” is something we genuinely enjoyed.

  • 10 – I’m going out to buy their entire discography immediately.
  • 9 – Incredible.  Could be a life-long favorite.
  • 8 – I’d go out of my way to see them.
  • 7 – Very interested…potential greatness.
  • 6 – Worth noting, would stick around for a set.
  • 5 – Average, but some spark there.
  • 4 – Just plain average.
  • 3  - Not really feeling it at all.
  • 2 – Oh boy.
  • 1 – Unsure if this is actually music.

For every artist at a “7” or above, we’ll provide a full write-up and a recent video to get a real taste.  This is where the real heavy lifting comes in from the OEB crew.  This site purposely extenuates the positive; there’s no point in rambling on about things we don’t like. 

That’s about it for the meat of the project.  Though there isn’t much time for extracurriculars, don’t be surprised if we sneak in a few artist interviews and other treats.  As we get closer to SXSW, be on the lookout for showcase recommendations, relevant news and anything else we can think of.  Lastly, we always spend some quality time with our hometown conference, 35 Denton, the greatest SXSW pre-game ever imagined.

For any questions or comments, let us know at operationeveryband@gmail.com.